How can I save video images on the SD card of a GL-AXT1800

Hi, I need some help. I’ve searched in internet, not just in this forum, but I can’t find an answer. I have a GL-AXT1800 router to which I added a 32 Gb SD card. My idea was to connect an IP camera via LAN and to record the live streaming of camera directly on the SD card. It’s possible? Anyone can tell me how this can be done? Thank you.

Hi GioVani:

This should require a service on the router to accept photos from the camera.
Does the manufacturer of this camera recommend any plug-ins?

What protocol does your ipcam support? ftp, samba?

The router support samba by default.

RTSP is pretty common for streaming video from IP cameras for recording. The router would also need to stream the recorded video for viewing.

See if your IP camera is listed here:

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Hi, thank you for your replies and I’ll get back to you straight away. (I’m using Google Translate to help me, so sorry if my answers are a little confusing)

The manufacturer recommends using the P6Slite app ( you can found it on android or ipad store). Using the program I had the impression that there was no possibility of saving on the router but only locally. On windows computers (this is the link for downloding the program: Amazon Drive 31b) there is a slightly more complex program. But I still couldn’t figure out how to do it. The site indicated on the instruction sheet ( gives me an error. Sorry but the only link I have is the Amazon one (

On the router I’m using samba. I don’t know how to set up the camera.

No, I don’t think there is.

This seems a p2p software. It means you can only use such app to talk with the camera.

Such camera cannot be used with other apps. This is generally the case for consumer app.

For business cameras they generally comply with standard protocols.

But anyway, you should consult the manufacturer for instructions.

Hello and thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I feared this was the case. I will try contacting the camera supplier. I have just one doubt. In the Windows program there is the possibility to choose the directory where to save the live streaming video. It’s possible to indicate a directory that points to the SD card? And what it could be? I can put the directory that I use for file sharing? I’ve to set samba in someway?

In short: not possible.
In long: it can be done with a pc but it has to be on all the time defeating the point.

It would be more efficient to save them directly to a computer as you’d need one to run the glinet app to control the sdcard on the router to save the files.

You’re better off buying a camera that offers cloud services. Personally I use Imou 5mp indoor cameras but there are others available with a wide variety of options and features.

Hi, unfortunately I was looking for a non-wifi POE camera that could be connected via LAN directly to the router without having to be connected to an NVR. And that it gave me the ability to save to the SD card. I already have an Imou wifi camera but the connection to the cloud is very poor. I prefer saving to SD. I’m currently using the camera one but it doesn’t give me much security. So I purchased a poe camera that I could connect directly to the router thinking I would be able to find a way to save to the SD. Being a kind of cloud.