How can i set this up

HI so i have 2 routers a netgear and a gl router. I have a openvpn service and want to use it for only the gl router. I use the vpn on the xbox and i have a double nat and that wont work. is there a way to fix that.

You can set up the vpn in gl router and disable vpn on Xbox. Can you do this?

Xbox doesn’t support vpn so I have to run it from the router. I can do the vpn but how can I fix double nat with 2 routers

your doubt is about the router then i would suggest you to take help from [Tenda Support]( ‎) which provide technical related support if you have any query regarding router, WiFi.

Avoid double NAT is not easy. The reason is the the router with vpn need to capture all the traffic. Otherwise it will not work as vpn router.

If your purpose is only want Xbox has vpn but other devices are bridges to your main router directly, then it needs to setup vlan.
But why not connect your other devices to your main router directly.

That might what i do, is there a better explanation that u can supply how to do that

could i set my gl router to a switch mode and disable nat that way

You mean bridge mode, yes you can.

In advanced settings, check eth0 and eth1 for lan interfaces. Disable DHCP as well.

remove wan interfaces.

The save & apply.

If you have any problems, just press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds to revert the settings.

hi, would im struggling to apply these changes. what menus are they in.


Do you mean the bridge mode?

yes. im trying the same thing through my xbox

Could you please draw a topology diagram to make me clear?