How can I set up my AC1200 router as an access point?

Here’s my current setup:

  • Main router
  • Netgear Powerline in my house’s addition (family room) – this is getting solid speeds

I’ve connected the AC1200 to the Powerline and connected devices to the AC1200’s WiFi network – speeds are good.

However, I don’t want two separate WiFi networks, so I think the solution is to give the AC1200 the same SSID/password as my main router, then switch it into AP mode.

I’ve done this, but how can I be sure that my devices are connecting to the AC1200’s network vs. the main router?

When I had the AC1200 on its own network, it was getting full signal in the family room. However, after switching to AP mode, I have no idea if my devices are still on the main router’s signal or the AP signal. It looks like my phone (Android) has a weaker signal in the family room, so my guess is that it’s still on the original signal.

Any help is appreciated!

if you know how to adjust the wireless signal strength of both routers, trial and error (tune down) such that the routers’ signal radius doesnt overlap each other too much

theres also the issue of 2G wireless and 5G wireless, 2G has further and better penetrating coverage than 5G (both routers 2G signal might still overlap each other even set at low signal) so either you turn off the 2G or set it to low signal strength or name them a different ssid

use the wifi analyser on android will help a bit to see the signal strengths of the 2 routers at the phones position

Does your main router allow you to set the Minimum RSSI? If so, you can set it so your phone will only connect to the main router if the signal is stronger than Minimum RSSI, so it should connect to the GL-AC1200 instead. I do this on my Unifi access points.

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