How Delete VPN Server Openvpn and Wireguard

Hi Guys,
I would like to reset the VPN servers of Openvpn and Wireguard on my AX 1800 back to the default settings.
The Openvpn clients and Wireguard clients should not be deleted.
I have seen the link, but is not here also the Openvpn client deleted?

What is the purpose of your reset VPN Server to factory settings?
The initialisation process of the VPN server is simply to add certificates and keys. If you are on version 4.x, you can regenerate them in the settings page.

thank you for the quick reply.
I entered the wrong link, here is the correct one.

There is no technical purpose, it bothers me that I get in the dashboard an OpenVPN and Wireguard server displayed and can activate, which do not exist.

I have Version 4.xx.

Thank You

where can I regenerate the OpenVPN certificate and keys? I can’t find it in my router.
I have a Flint, running on 4.1.


You need open advanced configuration. Them wiil regenerate if you clear the input box of Server Root Certificate.

Hi Youzin,
thanks for your help, the process works BUT two things:

  1. this is not really good documented, can I suggest to add this information in the OpenVPN server page
  2. the process works, BUT… more info in the following tread I open:
    Recreate certs for OpenVPN issue