Recreate certs for OpenVPN issue

I have a Flint running on version 4.1 and I’m having the following issue:
If I recreate the OpenVPN certs, as GL.iNet suggested in this forum, going into OpenVPN server → advance configuration and deleting the Server Root Certificate, this will force the router to regenerate all the certs.
After regenerating the certs and downloading the new configuration file, I cannot connect to OpenVPN.
I tried to reboot the router or regenerate the certs again every time I had the same issue.
I restored the router with my backup, and everything is working fine.
I’m not sure where the process fails, if in the creation of the new certs or in the creation of the config file.
The log file in the OpenVPN client says that it goes in timeout.
Do you know if this is a known issue and in case if it will be fixed?
I can also replicate the issue anytime you want, if you need me to run some test.


Maybe the certificate wasn’t completely erased, please try following command.

rm -rf /etc/openvpn/cert/*

Hi, thanks a million, this makes it work everything with a new OpenVPN certs.

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Actually, this is a bug, will be fixed soon, thanks for reporting.

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Happy to help!