How do I access plug-ins?

I just received an AXT1800 Slate AX. I can’t figure out how to get to the packages after installing them. I installed two, snort3 and tor, from the web UI under applications–>plug-ins. No additional menu item shows up, I can’t find a different port I might have to get to them through like configuring AdGuard, and I don’t see anything in LuCI either. I just don’t see any way to access those features, anyone know if it’s possible to access and configure them?

To use the GUI controls in LuCI you need to install the package “luci-app-*”.
tor and snort3 do not provide a UI interface, you have to configure them with SSH.
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In addition, the Tor page in the GL UI will be available on the next version (4.1) of the firmware.