How do I access the Admin Panel when Slate 750 is connected to another router connected to the Internet

Hi Folks,

My Laptop is accessing the Internet via another router.

I want to connect my Slate AR750S to the other router to make the Internet available via its Wireless signal for other devices like phones.

The other router uses for its Web Admin Panel.

The address given to my Laptop is

When I have tried using to access the Web Admin Panel of the Slate, I get a Timeout message.

Should the cable from the other Router go into the WAN port of the Slate?

Should the WAN port of the Slate be configured as a LAN port before being connected to the other router?

Should I be using one of the other WAN ports of the other router to connect to the Slate?

Thanks, MTB.

You will need to do a couple of things to get this working:

  • Connect the main routers LAN to Slate’ WAN
  • Set a static route to network on your main router with next hop the WAN IP of the Slate
  • Configure the firewall on Slate to allow incoming HTTP(S) traffic on WAN for web interface

What is the WAN IP of the Slate? Is it

It’s the one the Slate gets from your upper router.

How do I find this IP address?

Also, do I set the Static Route on the LAN port of the Main router?

Will be shown inside the GL GUI or on your upper router.
Setting the route there, yes, but how depends on the router - can’t assist with that.

What does “next hop” mean? Is it the IP address

Can you draw graph how to you connect laptop, router and Web admin from Internet?

Connet AR750s’ WAN port to your “another router” LAN.

Connect to AR750s wifi directly with your laptop, find out the WAN IP of the AR750s.
Then in firewall, open port 80 or 443.

Then when you connect to your “another router” directly, you can use the WAN IP of AR750s to access its web panel.