How do I confirm port connection speed on MT-6000?

My previous router (Asus RT AC3100) used to show each port as well as the connection speed (100mb/1Gb etc). I don’t see this in the OpenWRT interface. How can I confirm the speed of the various WAN/LAN ports on my GL MT-6000?

Login to LuCi and you will have full details about network interfaces.

I looked there but despite the information, I couldn’t see link speed.

Computer side can see connection link speed.

The Kernel Log has some info.

You should see the speed of each active port listed under the Port status section in LuCi.

Ssh into the box as root and execute;


This is the fastest way to see the network interface speed.

That doesn’t show a link speed on f/w 4.4.6-r1 for some reason. ethtool eth0 &/or swconfig dev switch0 show | grep "link" do.