How do I get an AT&T SIM for my X750v2

I took my LTE modem (GL-X750V2C4) to two different AT&T stores, and both said they needed an IMEI number to activate a SIM card. They tried to “look it up by serial number” but “it didn’t come up”. Same exact process at both stores.

I only bought the device because the website specifically says that it’s AT&T compatible.

Please advise.

You can find the IMEI from the web panel.

Most likely in AT&T store they will tell you that this is not supported. But generally you can just work out by yourself.

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Thanks! I didn’t know it was in the software and not written on the device.

I actually installed OpenWrt snapshot (r18498-b61d756b6c) and couldn’t find it in the webUI.

This command worked, though:

root@x750# uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-imei


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I went back to the AT&T store with the IMEI and they told me they couldn’t give me a SIM for this device. I asked why and they said they only do 4G.

I said “this device is 4G,” and they told be that it does both 3G and 4G and therefore won’t work with AT&T because they’re sunsetting 3G.

This made no sense to me but the associate let me take a photo of the actual error on his tablet. This is from AT&T’s internal sim activation page.

This device is no longer supported; offer replacement device. See myCSP 713513 for more 3G sunset information.

So… can I return this device and buy one that does 4G only? Does this make any sense? Am I insane?

It does not make sense. Devices (e.g. smartphone alwasy support 2G, 3G and 4G). They suspend 3G network doesnot mean all devices need to remove 3G capablities.

Do you have a SIM already? Store staff always give no clear info. We try to talk with AT&T but no reply.

We try to talk with AT&T but no reply.

Yeah, that’s AT&T. Well let me know if you hear back. I will monitor this thread.

btw, I know that the IMEI is correct because it passed the checksum procedure explained in this thread: Why GL-Inet IMEIs may be INVALID by ATT & Cricket

What kind of SIM do you want to use.

We got some feedback that prepaid SIM with voice may not work on our devcie. But data only plan and postpaid should work without problem.

Any SIM that works. Here are the “hotspot and tablet” plans on the website. I think “hotspot and tablet” means without a phone number.
There’s no option to buy online; I have to go to the store.

It you go to store, their answer is always not supported. This is what we got from the feedbacks.

If you have a SIM just use it.

I don’t have a SIM. I can’t get a SIM. It won’t work with AT&T. It won’t work anywhere else. It’s past the 30-day return window so I can’t get my money back.

Buyer beware! This device is a BRICK.

Do you have a smartphone that you can buy an AT&T SIM for and then just use the SIM in your GL-X750V2?

There are also 3rd-party wireless providers (MVNO’s) that operate on the AT&T network that you can buy a SIM from and activate without IMEI:

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“Keepgo GoFi Prepaid Data SIM” operates on both both AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S. and you can turn on Auto-refill when the balance falls below 100MB:

I use the “Keepgo Lifetime Prepaid Data SIM” for traveling in various other countries. You only have to activate the SIM card number, not IMEI.

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@wcs2228 @ki9 Please follow the instruction on this article to buy an AT&T IoT sim card and data plan: How To Set Up AT&T IoT SIM Card On Spitz (GL-X750V2) - GL.iNet

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Thanks! I will try these and report back.

Note the following regarding the AT&T IoT Data Plans:

LTE-M runs at half duplex mode with data throughout peaking at 375kbps.