How do I password protect a network drive on a Flint?

I can easily access my hard drive when it is connected to my GL-AX1800 Flint but there doesn’t seem to be any way of password protecting it?

I know this can be done on a Slate AX but I don’t seem to have the same settings as that in my Flint.

I am trying to share my movies with my smart TV but it looks like other people are able to access all my other files. I only wish my TV and laptop to be able to access the drive.

The manual states Go to web Admin Panel → APPLICATIONS → Network Storage but I do not have that, instead I have Admin Panel → APPLICATIONS → File Sharing

It does have the latest firmware but that doesn’t seem to be recent.

In 4.x Version: If you do not folder share, then someone else must know your router administrator password to access the files on your disk from the App or SSH. If you do share folders, Samba and WebDAV protocols can be set up to authenticate with a user password.

This feature is only supported in version 4.x. We have not pushed the upgrade because the configuration cannot be retained for 3.x upgrades to 4.x.
Please access GL.iNet download center to download firmware.