How do I ssh into my AR300M router?

I got AR300M router few days. It is small and powerful.

I bought it to configure it to work with my work WPA2 Enterprise network or Hotspot 2.0 network.

I didn’t find a way to do that from the provided UI. If I want to mess with settings at shell level, how do I ssh into the box?

I consider myself an experienced embedded developer. I am fine tinkering with stuff at shell interface.

Please provide me pointers.




I figured that I need to ssh into it using the AP’s IP address instead of WAN ip address.

Is there any way to ssh into it using its WAN IP?


blocked by firewall

be careful

could add a rule to firewall

if you are in islated network you could turn off firewall temporarily


something like…

firewall off

I like to keep the firewall running.

Is there a way to add an exception or port forwarding rule to get ssh work over Wan?



I figured out. I added the following section to /etc/config/firewall file after backing it up.

Then restarted firewall with “/etc/init.d/firewall restart” at command. Now I am able to ssh with “ssh root@my_router_wan_ip -p 2222”.

config redirect
option name ‘SSH access’
option src ‘wan’
option proto ‘tcpudp’
option src_dport ‘2222’
option dest_ip ‘’
option dest_port ‘22’
option target ‘DNAT’
option dest ‘lan’

you can configure WPA EAP in luci.

Go to Luci->Network->Wireless and scan you network, connect to the EAP SSID, you will have a detailed page, please try.