How do you copy (Wireguard) VPN configs?

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I own quite a few GL.iNet and I use Mullvad as a VPN provider. Trouble is Mullvad limits me to 5 certs/devices. Entering my account number from Mullvad on my GL.iNet router is a nice and easy way to get all the configs set up but it takes up 1 out of my 5 devices. Is there a way to copy the configs to all my other routers (via ssh, scp, etc) without have to register each device? Only one router would be using the VPN at any given moment, but I do have more than 5 so what I have been doing is removing devices and onboarding them as needed which is a little tedious.


i used mullvad.

the wireguard file is saved in


thanks @Johnex, for the like and the trust level

my motto is learn and return…

Thank you! This saves me a lot of headache.


just yesterday did i learn about that config file and how to edit it.