How does one get Firefox to work on to add a device?

What is the trick to get Firefox to see a device to add to your device list on

You have enabled remote access on the new device?

This does not relate to firefox. Just to make sure your router cloud access is turned on.

Yes, I had clicked the checkbox and clicked apply to give access to goodcloud or whatever it is called at . Had confirmed and reconfirmed.

Would not work in Firefox after multiple attempts, but works immediately in Google Chrome. In Firefox, I had

  1. Eliminated security controls such as third party cookie blocking and so forth.
  2. Refreshed and Reloaded
  3. Used New Private Window
  4. Used a brand new Firefox profile.

Firefox ESR Extended Support Release 68.10.0esr 64bit.

Understood. Do you mean that in Firefox, on GoodCloud the device cannot be discovered automatically?

My firefox is 78.0.2 now.

if it works - use Chrome then?

With recent updates to Firefox - they’re getting more strict these days - even down to TLS version support.