How fix bricked AR750

I have AR750. I uploaded new firmwares, it wasn’t working. I uploaded anothers, it wasn’t working. Now I don’t know best way to return to using AR750.

Please explain recommended procedures. TFTP acceptable.

@limbot thank you for sending these informations but I already saw this and I did not see AR750 so I thought couldn’t be correct. (I think also it is good to use the word “brick” because I never hear “debrick” before so why could I know I should search this?)

Thank you. Now I have my router again.

@limbot No actually I do not have router because firmwares are bad but I can create new posting.


If you want to bring it back to gl.inet firmware than use the uboot process above with this file.

Hope this helps.

@limbot Yes that exactly what I already did do and the debrick is good but the firmwares are bad and so I made a new report here on this forum because all 3.1 do not have GUI, only luci. But you are correct that debrick is the correct process for AR750 (but does not say AR750 on page) so I want to say thank you. But that firmwares is not working yet.

Ahh sorry. All my devices are upgraded to 3. 1 but I don’t have a Creta

The last time I had the opposite issue. Gl. Inet interface but no Luci… :rofl:

What about 3.027 in the V1 directory. Same issue?