How long is the fan life lasting on Slate AX?

Hi there,

May i know the fan on the Slate AX, how long is the fan life lasting if on 24/7 as an usage like for the home router?

While it’s the fan setting default is the minimum set to 75"c?


And in future, for some reason the fan is damaged or the lifetime is reach to the max, does the router can be used anymore.

It’s a good question, although I would imagine it is a replaceable item; whether it is a user-replaceable item is another matter. Let’s see what GLiNet has to say as an official position.

it has the same work life as any computer fan, if you are using it 24/7 every 6 months you will want to blow it out with compressed air(more often if in dusty environments) It can be easily replaced by disconnecting the cable and 3 screws and replaced with the same our slightly better fan from Noctua

That’s the problem need to screw it out and replace it.

Much headache if anything goes wrong with fan. So far the router is work perfectly with on 24/7 after 8 months.

I’m curious what is the lifetime of the fan normally on the router and whether the router is without the fan still can be used it or not? Just in case for future reference.


If you read the post by @Johnex

You can’t put a time on it cause of so many other factors Its there to help with heat regulation the router is really designed for passive cooling. It has a huge metal heatsink which is why its so heavy.(If you remove it life expectancy for the router is 3 hours with just a fan)

It’s justified by hours usage if am not wrong? This is the one :point_up: