Slate AX - Temperature

Hi friends!

I’m using the Slate AX router for a few days and it´s working very well. It´s so fast!!
About temperature, it´s always be more than 70-75º and sometimes, the fan starts (silent but small in my opinion).

Is this temperature normal? I was looking for temperature information for IPQ6000 chipset but I didnt find.


Temperatures below 80°C unter normal load should be nothing to be worried about.

There was a discussion on this topic a while ago. I think the most interesting part is about the capacitors lifetime in relation to the temperature: Axt1800 running hot, 75C - #14 by Johnex

I think in one update the threshold for spinning the fan was set down. But I can’t remember it it was from or to 85°C.
It should be mentioned in the thread or documented in the Changelogs.

Its possible to configure fan activity from 70-90°c, like image below:


By default its configured to 75, and i´ve changed to 70. Until now, no problems. Temp is under 69°.

The fan is very silent. It´s very good!

My worry is about the fact to be a compact device, to be used on travels. I´m using in my house like my main router. Could it be a problem? I don´t think so… in my opinion! :slightly_smiling_face:


No. I recommend to keep it away from direct sunlight and radiator heat. And free it from dust every now and than… No other advices as for any other router.

I am using it in my RV (mobile home, caravan,…). Not 24/7, but the little one is stressing the line with YouTube and other unnecessary stuff. Sometimes it is getting very hot, bot no problem, so far.
One time it just shut down. No connection possible anymore to the next restart via power. It was a warm day in summer, my AC was off.
But maybe this happens because of the bad power line from the camping site. Maybe it shuts down, because too much heat. I’d love if the second one was true.

Nice! Tks for the advice!

I´m replacing my old TP-Link WDR4300 (running openWRT). It´s running for almost 10 years! Fantastic router!

I was looking for a device with vpn, adguard and wifi 6… for me the Slate AX sounds like perfect, even being a travel router, not a normal router. I could get the Flint, but I dont have space to those antenas.

So, OK… lets use then! I wish long life to my device! (Like my tp-link :crossed_fingers:)

Tks so much!

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This is not true. I’ve been using the SlateAX as a home router for the last 6 months, 24/7. Not a single problem. I’ve pushed at least a terabyte total thru the router.

Nice Setup. But which part should be not true?

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It not being a home router :joy: lol
I have between 20 to 30 devices on the network.
It runs great.

If you attach a fan to the bottom of the router, the temperature is between 43-47 degrees. It depends on the workload. But not necessary.


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