How many times can I change IMEI?


How many times can I change IMEI and how to?

Is it okay if I will use this:

Won’t its functions damage my router? Installation completely ok, but how safe such software for router?

Can anyone check?

It will not damage your router, but it could invalidate your warranty.

Here in the United Kingdom, changing your IMEI is an offence that carries a 5 year prison sentence or a £5,000 fine or both:

How? Like just installing plugins? There is official method to change IMEI using AT commands

Useful information. Thanks. But how could it be detected?

Nah, it can’t. It’s all software.

So it is safe to install?

The worst that could happen, from my point of view - which is not official GL! - is that you need to debrick your device by using Uboot.

Is it possible without having a computer?

No, debricking will need access via ethernet.

Something like this will be enough?

Should work, depends on the end-device you want to connect with.

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It only affects the modem though, worse case scenario is a usb to mini pcie adapter would be required to debrick the modem.

So far, I am not aware of any cases where the modem itself got bricked.

Until now:


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That’s disturbing, if GL.iNet sell you an AP modem, surely the switch to USB command shouldn’t be available to destroy it?

Sounds like Quectel is allowing consumers to destroy hardware

What is USB mode on modem? USB stick?

IMEI change commands shouldn’t brick it? For now it is working normally. What risks now?

I have tried many times blue-merle and it works fine…

You should ask them directly :wink:

As I see you already did?

Hi there!

I need this information too.

How many times I can change IMEI without harm to device via AT command? For example if I will change IMEI 3 times a day (sometimes) and 7 times (most commonly) a week (1 per day) via AT command won’t it harm device?

I need extra lawyer of security as I will go to dictatorship country for 1 week as reporter n. This is extremely critical.

Please ask the highest level of your engineer team.

You can change it as often as you want, even per hour, if you like.
But this is only valid for the hardware. Your operator might kick/ban you, if you do it too often - so there is no real answer for your case.

@moderators can you check please? :slight_smile:

With SIM swap :slight_smile:

IMEI is like a MAC address. So the same rules apply.
Changing can happen as often as you like because it’s just a setting like many others as well.

But the network will decide if it lets you go through. :smiley: