How much time to install Firmware upgrade

I’ve selected option to upgrade via web admin on Flint 1800.
It all seemed to be progressing fine then the router wifi went offline with flashing blue light. But I’ve been waiting for about two hours now and the router is still with flashing blue LED.

How long does it typically take to complete the firmware upgrade?

Will it probably be bricked if I try to hard reboot now?

Doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes max. You can follow the debrick guide since something happened during the upgrade:

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@Johnex thanks for your reply. After reviewing how to debrick, I first rebooted the router and found that it was in fact intact but not upgraded. I had VPN running with kill switch on, so perhaps that caused the upgrade to fail.

After disconnecting the VPN and re-trying the firmware upgrade it completed the process successfully. All working well and upgraded.
Thanks again.