How much "twist" can those (Spitz) antennae take?

In order to get them to point “up” (I lay the Spitz bottom side down on my desktops) sometimes I have to twist the antennae after I’ve tightened the knurled knob, and while I hope I’m not constantly turning the wires around (such that they break), is there a “slack” built into those antenna wires?

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We are looking for some antennas that users can freely choose.

Hi @radishman, just wondering if you are still working antenna options? I’m interested in the Spitz (I currently have a Beryl AX), but I’ll be using the Spitz for travel as well, so I’d be taking the antennas on and off regularly. And from what I’ve read the current antennas in both the Spitz and Spitz AX aren’t designed for that. :frowning:

Maybe what we need is an updated Spitz (v3?) with travel friendly antenna, Nano SIM, and the latest firmware? :slight_smile: There is the Mudi v2 coming soon, but it doesn’t have any antenna connection ports. Thanks!!

Could maybe look at using these with the antennas when sitting on a desktop.

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Duh- didn’t even think of that as a solution, so thanks for the hint! Ordered two sets of these:

Is there any update on this?

FWIW, the right-angle connectors above have worked out well for me