How revert GL Inet Web UI?

I download firmware from this link GL.iNet download center
And install via Uboot
And now I have LUCI web UI

How I can revert GL Inet Web UI?

Are you sure that you downloaded the firmware from there? How do you access the GUI?

Yes, I’m sure.

The way it was.
I bought a gl-mt2500, turned it on, and logged into the GL Inet UI. Then I wanted to try LUCI and I downloaded the firmware on, flashed the router via UBoot. I used LUCI for a while. And now I want to restore the factory UI.

I downloaded the official firmware from the official website. I’m flashing through UBoot. But I still have LUCI UI.

How can I get GL Inet UI back?

For me, this sounds like the flashing process wasn’t successful?

Did you clear your browsers cache after flashing? The official fw will contain luci as well, so this might be an issue if your browser still thinks that it connects to luci.

You are right!
Thank you!