How to access clients on network from WAN/Internet


I have set up a wifi camera and it’s connected to a gl-inet router. the gl-inet router is set up as wifi repeater and connected to main router as a client. I have set up port forwarding in my main router so that I can connect to my gl-inet router from wan/internet.

Internet — Main Router ---------- Gl-Inet ------------------- WiFi Camera

The camera files are saved in Gl-Inet and I am accessing Gl-inet to see files when I am not home.

Now I want to watch live feed when I am not home. When I am connecting to Gl-Inet at home, I can watch the WiFI Camera live from The WiFi camera doesn’t have a security feature and don’t ask id or password so I can’t set up another port forwarding. but I am wondering if I can connect to the security camera live feed after logging in gl-inet like connecting webcam to gl-inet.

Any suggestion?

There is no port number meaning the port is 80

So suppose your public IP is, and GL-Inet router’s WAN IP is

You should set up port forward to to