How to access the GL-S10

Hi, I have GL-S10 flashed with ESPHome 2023.10.0
It’s been working just fine as a BLE Proxy for a long time.
On my LAN the GL-S10 has the IP address
But when I try to browse to that address, I just get a CONNECTION_REFUSED
I was expecting a web deamon of some kind to show up.
How can I interact with it to make config changes and flash update the FW ?

I am not familiar with the IOT devices but the manual tells me that you need an app for configuration?

Well, the app implies that the device hasn’t been modified. My device is flashed with ESPHome, thus the App no longer works. But still there should be a way to update the FW.

Are you sure the esp firmware has a web panel? S10 is lack of resources to hold http server etc. so maybe your esp firmware doesn’t have these.

Yes you should always be able to flash the firmware. But need to consult esp community