How to access USB connected to the router through WAN

I use Glinet Flint (FW Ver 3.214) router. I have connected a flash drive of 128GB to it. As per the instructions mentioned here File Sharing - GL.iNet Docs I could able to access the drive over LAN. But I want to access it when I am out of my home I have enabled “Share via WAN”, But I could not able to access it. Can someone please let me know the procedure to access the USB contents over Internet?

Can you upgrade to firmware 4.1?

Changed a lot for file sharing.

Firmware 3.214 is the latest available firmware for the Flint model. may I know when firmware 4.1 (Stable) coming up .

Firmware 4.1 is only available as Beta for the GL-AX1800 Flint.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I seriously need help guys. I updated the firmware to 4.1 now and i got the new features related to network file share
I have configured everything as mentioned in this documentation Network Storage - GL.iNet Docs
I get the folder access link as in the screenshot.
Using that I could able to access my drive files in my local network but not through internet.
I have opened the ports in the firewall
if I try to access it using http://ddnsaddress:6008/disk1_part1 I am unable to access it… Please let me know how I can access my USB drive from outside of my home network.

When I try to access using my DDNS address i am getting this error (After entering a valid username and password)

WebDav cannot be used in Browser. You need to use a WebDav client software.

Here is some detailed guide.

You can access USB driver from outside network. use the “webdav” file share proto.

  1. enable webdav server, enable wan access;

  2. create one file share, use the webav proto;

  3. use the webdav client, access the webdav share file;

using Network Storage - GL.iNet Docs, use the webdav proto.

  1. first time, use the wedav proto share file. access in the local network.
  2. use the ddns can access throught the internet

Thanks, people. Since it was 1st time I missed reading the complete Glinet Docs. Thanks for your answers.