How to actually launch/use downloaded plugins

Hello all, I just got my flint 2 yesterday. I'm new to openwrt. Sorry for the noob question...if I download a plugin, where do I launch it from? I downloaded docker and rtorrent yesterday just to see but I haven't figured out how to actually launch the plugin webui. I have searched online for a guide of downloading and using plugins but I've seen none. Again, sorry for the noob question.


depends on the plugin. All plugins are only for the GUI in luci - you will not expand the GL GUI by new menus or options. Many plugins don't provide a GUI tho; you need to run them using SSH.

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I see, thanks for the feedback. Is there a tutorial on how to run these plugins via SSH?

Depends on each plugin. Simply search on Google for pluginname + openwrt and you might find a wiki page about it.

Those plugins are 3rd party and not developed by GL

Thanks for the feedback. I think this router is for networking savvy people (pro users) who understand ssh and stuff. I'm a simple user though. Might have to revert to my old router. Thanks anyways.

If you don't want to take a learning curve, yep, you are right.

SSH "and stuff" isn't really difficult, but you need to invest time in understanding.
Using docker and saying you are not tech savvy is a bit strange, however. :smile:

Yea I know a little bit networking to get by :smile: To be honest plugins wasn't a dealbreaker. The dealbreaker was the failover failing to properly detect loss of internet and not having a public ip to make use of wireguard server. Anyways I appreciate the great support. Might come back soon.

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We can look into the first issue, if you like. And for the second one Tailscale might be a good way to go!

The plug-in is programs. Same as mainstream Linux e.g. Debian and Ubuntu, you will find a lot of programs in the repo. But you need to check each programs for their usage.

So the problem is why you want to install a plugin and which one?

I have a usb 4g dongle which transmits wifi at 2.4ghz. I had connected Flint 2 to this dongle wifi as a repeater. I then noticed that if I manually turn internet access off in the dongle the Flint 2 would detect loss of internet and activate failover. However, if the carrier-allocated data were depleted the Flint cannot detect loss of internet access and would continue to report the 4g wifi as having internet access and not auto-switch to a failover WAN. I tried messing up with the sensitivity but it didn't improve. Any tips?

I was desiring to install a file (or torrent downloader) as a minimum. I see there's rtorrent and transmission at the repo but I cant figure out how to install them.

That's not a loss of connection; therefore, you can't detect it.

If Internet is lost the router should detect it.

Mostly, the connection won't stop. Ping will be fine and DNS as well, just very low speed like 32 kbps. Not enough for browsing, but good enough for the failover mechanism not to detect any failure.

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I suspected so, how do I bypass this to make it detect that the internet cannot be accessed? For comparison purposes the synology 2600ac, which I'm replacing with the Flint 2, could detect loss of internet access when bundles were depleted. It also pinged and

It doesn't unfortunately. I have to manually go multilan priority to make it detect and shift to the other interface.

Without knowing what restriction will comes alive when the traffic is running out, I can't help you with that, I am sorry. I doubt that the Synology only pings, tbh.

I don't understand, I've dedicated today to investigate. Maybe it's the pings. I hope to make it work.

A wild guess would be that the router was able to detect that traffic gets throttled because the all in all bandwidth seems to drop. But without testing, nobody knows. Maybe ping stops as well or the roundtrip time will get high...

Does the ping go throught or not?