How to add all .conf profiles and credentials in one

Hi, I own a GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2(Mango) and use it as a VPN router which I connect all my devices through so my ISP can’t spy on me or tell how many devices I have running. I’ve been using the Gl.iNet app to add the .conf files provided by my VPN company but this involves using the app to import a single file and then having to manually enter my username, password and profile name into the integrated OpenVPN interface for every single VPN server. Surely there is a quicker way of going about this very simple process?
I’m on Android 7 if that’s of relevancy to anything. Thanks

Sorry, it is not yet possible to import the .zip openvpn configuration file directly from the app.

Once it’s done, it’s done, isn’t it?

If you are looking to avoid this after a reset, perhaps backup the configuration and restore it after the reset? Or try scripting the configurations you want and run the script.

Yes it is a on time process but with over 100 servers including multihop servers it would take hours of laboriously entering the information over and over again. Right now I only import 1 server and use it for a while, then import another after a few weeks so its limiting selectable IPs since more options equals more endless importing

That is a shame, its seemingly a fairly easy thing to do. Even enabling ability to multi select numerous .conf or .ovpn files would be a big advantage over going through the same selective and authenticating process

Have you thought about manually editing the files? If I recall correctly, the .ovpn files are stored in /etc/openvpn, and the username/password combos for each is stored in /etc/configs/openvpnclients.

If your provider is giving you a zip of all the configurations, you might download that, unzip it, copy the individual configs to /etc/openvpn, and then edit the openvpnclients file to match.

Then save the configurations and just copy them up again if you need to.

I shall have a look around on the OpenVPN app but as far as I knew it didn’t save anything to anywhere specific, including credentials. When I relied upon the OpenVPN app before buying the Mango I had to do the same process of importing every .ovpn file and manually entering user and pass info.

I also imagine editing every profile plus importing will probably be no less time consuming than just importing and adding username and password a hundred times. So far this snail pase functionality is the only drawback to the overall product. If it was fixed in future firmware releases then it would be a big improvement.

Please import the .zip OpenVPN config via web Admin Panel, its default url is

As Leo said, you can do this easily by dragging a zip file from your desktop to the router interface in a browser. Then you will be able to choose from all the difference config files in the zip file.

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