How to amplify wifi reception on Spitz

I would like to be able to amplify the wifi reception on the Spitz for use in my RV so that I can log into public wifi when I am in parking lots, etc. My understanding is that the antennas on the Spitz are designed to amplify the LTE reception, but not the Wifi reception. Is there a way to amplify the wifi reception as well?

Hi, welcome to the forum. You are right that the external antennas are for 4G LTE and the wifi antennas are internal to the box. (see spec - GL-X750 / Spitz - GL.iNet ) I guess this is to get the best range from the 4G and assumes that the wifi clients are ‘nearby’.

When you connect to a public wifi signal, the external antennas are not used, the internal antennas will be used for both connecting to the public wifi and to the clients.

Is there a way to amplify the wifi reception as well?

If you are having difficulty in connecting to public wifi there probably is not an easy, neat and tidy way to actually amplify the signal, but there are ways to make sure that you have the best conditions for the radio signals.

I want to make three points:

  1. Wireless signals travel in straight lines - like the beam of a flashlight. So you need to be able to see (literally) the source of the signals. If the source is hidden behind trees or buildings then the signal will be much weaker. This probably involves parking your RV fairly close to the source to get a strong signal, and choosing the exact location carefully.

  2. Wireless signals cannot pass through metal objects like your RV bodywork or anyone-else’s RV. So position the unit behind a glass window - maybe at the front of the vehicle, by the windscreen.

  3. When the signal is fairly weak moving the antennas just a small amount can make a big difference. ‘Small amount’ means about two inches (50mm) or less. It is affected by the small wavelengths at these frequencies. Sadly any ‘good’ location is likely to move around as your neighbours move their vehicles, so this is not a good solution, but might get you connected for a while.

It is possible that other routers like the Slate, AR750S, which have external wifi antennas may work better, but it is not guaranteed to be a significant difference in all cases.

If you really want good wifi speeds you need to make sure that the wifi signal is strong enough.

I hope this helps.


I read somewhere that certain USB-based wifi antennas are compatible with the Spitz and can be connected to the wifi port on the router. Is that correct? Could this be a method of amplifying the signal?

And thanks for pointing that out about the Slate! I happen to also own a Slate, and I had no idea its antennas were better suited for wifi reception. Is it possible to remove one or both of the Slate’s built-in antennas and attach an antenna system with a higher gain?

On the Spitz the 5Ghz antenna has a u.FL connector to a small PCB antenna. It could be replaced with an external antenna if you want. The 2.5Ghz antenna is copper on the main PCB, not removable.

You could buy a 5Ghz SMA WIFI antenna from amazon, a u.FL to SMA pigtail extension, and see if you get better 5Ghz range with the external antenna :slight_smile:


Forgot I had this pic Here’s the 5G Wifi Antenna here on the front left hand, under side of the motherboard.
As @Johnex says, (carefully) remove the antennae’s uFl connector, replace with a uFl to SMA connector cable, drill a hole in the casing, mount the SMA connector and then add a WiFi 5G SMA antennae :slight_smile:

The Slates antennae aren’t made to be easily removed or replaced (not SMA connector attached).

You could try using the Slate as your WISP repeater router for public WiFi instead of the Spitz and see if you get better results. Throw it near a windows so that it’s not being blocked by metal (same goes for the Spitz as well) . Worth seeing what the results are a might save you having to take things apart or buy new stuff :slight_smile:

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I love the stray capacitor. I don’t want to know what you were doing :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you didn’t knock it off the board :upside_down_face:

EDIT: just noticed you did knock it off the board. Oh you! :sob:

Haha this was the capacitor that HAD to be removed to stop the potential overheat situation. So as intended and hence the picture :grin:

But you pulled it right off the board. You savage!

You need to use a soldering iron next time, cos you were lucky you didn’t break any traces or cause a short to another layer of the board…

I followed GL. Inet documented SOP which was wiggle till it snaps off :joy:


Note: This has been rectified in all new X750s!

I modify several GL products to have external antennas, for both wifi and modem signal. Many GL products have ‘knock outs’ for SMA connectors.

As noted above you can find where to connect your 5GHz antenna. Unfortunately many public wifi is still 2.4 GHz, but where you can find 5 something like this will work for you -

with some low loss cable like

And something like this for the pigtail for inside your router -

Obviously mount as high as possible and point at the expected source. Use the shortest cable possible with the appropriate connectors … a setup like this has given me quite a bit of range.

I randomly selected these results just for illustration, I have no connection to those sellers …