How to auto-connect VPN at boot


Just got my MT1300 yesterday and got it all working no prob. The only issue I am having is that the VPN does not auto-connect on boot meaning I need to go into the web portal and hit connect.

I tried installing the openvpn package for luci but it does not see the GL vpn connections (seems it is a separate instance).

I presume I need to add something to the local startup in luci but dont know the commands to manage the vpn connections configured in the web portal.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you

This should be done by default.

When you reboot, the vpn is disabled or connection failed?

Pls try 3.211 beta4 which fixed some bugs related to wireguard GL.iNet download center

When I reboot the VPN is not connected. Checking in the syslog I see no mention of it trying to connect or any entries for gl-vpn-client.

I have to go into the GL Admin Panel to the OpenVPN client section and click ‘Connect’ in order to connect.

After I click ‘Connect’ I see an entry in the Syslog for: : 1247: gl-vpn-client>> Start, vpnpath=/etc/openvpn/ovpn2, serverfile=vpn.ovpn

I am using OpenVPN not Wireguard

I just install 3.211 beta4 and it is the same behavior.

Have you ever set up using the switch button to turn on/off vpn?

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That was it, I am being silly. I thought the side with the dot meant it was switched to ‘On’ but on reviewing the Button Settings page I realized it was the other way around. It is working now. Thank you!

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