How to Automatically Change the MAC Address Every 15 Minutes When Connected to Public WiFi Using a Repeater

"I’m connecting to my school’s Wi-Fi using a Gl-Inet MT3000 in repeater mode. When I connect to the Wi-Fi, it shows a popup asking to press a button to access the Wi-Fi:

It limits each device to 15 minutes of free access. I want to randomize my MAC address and automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi network, bypassing the popup at the mentioned link to continue access.

I want to save this script, and each time I reboot, I want the script to run automatically when connecting to the Wi-Fi network in repeater mode.

I need to create a command to run on OpenWrt to automate this process."

Quite sure there’s an option to randomise the mac on each new connection somewhere in luci… Could be on reboot…

You could refer the link:

I could. I didn’t. But I don’t remember signing an employment agreement…