How to block all torrent & P2P traffic on GL-SF1200?

I want to block all torrent and p2p traffic on my [GL-SF1200] , can anyone please walk me through the steps as I’m a noob. Also can anyone provide guidance on increasing security and blocking access to porn, malicious , spam , dangerous websites in general I’d appreciate that as well. At the moment I’m just using nextdns lists to deter bad users from using my IP.

You basically want to block all fun on the internet? :smiley:


it’s not going to be “fun” when I get a legal notice or if cops show up at my door because I shared my IP … can anyone else provide guidance for this router ?

If you update to the latest testing version for your router, you should be able to install Adguard Home, it will let you block all sites, ads and malicious content, but blocking torrent traffic would be harder.

adguard home plugin showing ran out of room to install.
Plus if I can block or only allow ports 80 and 443 I think I should be good but need some guidance on how to ONLY allow those ports. yes it isn’t bulletproof but it is a good first deterrence

I still need guidance on this please!

Only allowing Ports 80 and 43 is very restrictive and will block Email (not Webmail), DNS and other less-obvious services. If you really want to do so, you should be able to set up traffic rules in the LuCI UI, under Network → Firewall.

Here is a URL about the difficulty of blocking torrents:

Instead of trying to block all torrent and P2P traffic, you can “hide” it through a VPN. Some forum posters set up a “permanent” VPN on their router (Wireguard for faster speed) and turn on Internet Kill Switch.

Install a VPN on your router and you’ll be fine.