how to build a site2site IPSec tunnel between a Fortigate and Glinet router

Hello all

I’m new to Glinet and openRT as well, but with long history with IPSec VPN (voer 25 years :). So from legacy IPSec tech and config, I got no issue at all, as I’m running numbers of Fortigates that formed VPN network over internet, and sorry that Fotigate only support IPSec protocol for site2site vpn.

So my questions are, how to build/create the site2site tunnel between a Glinet router and Fortigate? what kind of package to be loaded in Glinet? the config method is UI or CLI? any simple I can rapidly refer too? I can manage the Fortigate end. In short, I’m looking for interop between Glinet and Foritgate VPN

Appreciated any feedback

CLI only, I would say.

Can’t tell you if it will work on the GL device because it’s not plain OpenWrt. But at least worth a try.

Appreciated, that is helpful