How to build the new SDK on b1300

Hey guys,

Can someone give me a pointer to a step-by-step compiling of the b1300 qsdk build? I want to include certain packages, remove the gl-inet themed ones, and include a files folder, which contains custom config files.

I have tried myself, but failed (luci would not load at all, there is some weird password set for ssh, which shouldn’t be there, etc)… So I think a clear guide would be very helpful for me and probably others. I am used to compiling from source, and this whole imagebuilder thing is slightly confusing for me.

Thank you.

For NDA reason, we can’t open the qsdk source code. So you only can use SDK to build your own package, and use imagebuilder to create your own firmware.

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I completely understand and already know that. That is why I want to use the imagebuilder, so I can make use of the wifi drivers. I will use the imagebuilder, but need some sort of guide on doing that, and way of including custom config files.


Isn’t the README file clear?

I honestly just saw the Files option there and now feel stupid for asking. My bad. Thanks for the fast reply and I will definitely work on triple reading before asking in the future :slight_smile: