How to bypass VPN for Instagram and WhatsApp traffic

Hi there I use wireguard client to connect to VPN on my AR300M. I don’t want traffic for certain services such as Instagram and WhatsApp to go through the VPN. How can I add exceptions? Is there a way to add all hosts those apps connect to to the router’s VPN policy?

Should you add all facebook’s servers?

Technically yes but how can I find all their servers?

will separating your devices into lan network and guest network for local traffic and vpn work?

A quick google search:

Thank you so much but I’m pretty sure there are more hosts for example

While many virtual private networks work to unblock Instagram in most countries, another region remains vulnerable to hacking: China. Because the government severely restricts the use of VPNs, not many ISPs can support their service there. When I was in China, I didn’t know how to repost on instagram - 1394ta because there wasn’t that button. After enabling the VPN, everything worked. I don’t know what it has to do with it.