How to capture/extract modem traffic in raw format?

need to have access to the traffic data to send them to my Home Assistant. Where can I find them in raw format ? Browsing with an SSH and looking for folders, dont know where are.

…to explain better. I’m interested in to these data. Where are
stored and updated.

Try F12 tools on your browser to find the API.

Wow! Thanks @alzhao, found many interesting things there. I’ll work hardly to extract the right one I need. See you soon.

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Following is one of the many and many attempts made on home assistant configuration side

      authorization: "Bearer "
    method: GET
    payload: '{ "modem" : "info" }'
    authentication: basic
    force_update: true
    name: Traffic4G
    value_template: "{{ }}"
      - 'moInfo'
    unit_of_measurement: "MB" 

Tried other similar http resources on Mango folders. No results in my hands.