How to change default DNS on dhcp

Because the LAN and Wi-Fi default DNS is, I want directly use or at LAN and Wi-Fi.

But, I cannot change. I am using AR300m firmware 2.27, I config at “advance setting” > network > interface > lan > edit

Change “Use custom DNS servers” to

After save and apply and reboot, client only get dns

Anybody can told me how to change it

Thank you


I already get the answer at “advance setting” > network > interface > lan > edit > dhcp server > advanced setting > DHCP-Options

Change the value to 6,,

But what is the first vale 6?

LAN and DNS are two different things - both can be changed in the GLi UI.

Yes, don’t use Luci to change these settings. There are several places to change. Pls use GL UI to do this.