How to change default SSL certificate?

By default, GL-iNet provides their own self-signed SSL certificate. I’d like to update this with my own self-signed cert. Where is the cert/key stored and are there any other steps required to make this work?

I obviously plan on installing the certificate to my device’s trust-store once I’m able to change that out.

Thanks for the help!

You can find the key in /etc/lighttpd/server.pem

I recently purchased the Slate AX. Out of the box it runs Nginx rather than Lighttpd to serve the web UI. So these instructions don’t work for this router.

Instead, I had to replace the following files:


I was concerned these might be overwritten by a script upon reboot, but they weren’t. I’m using a free SSL cert from ZeroSSL, and it’s working perfectly thus far.

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