How to change | replace modem ( MUDI) GL-E750

Hello . I was wondering if it is possible to replace the default modem (Quectel EG25G) in Gl-E750 (MUDI) with other modems? If someone has already changed modems, please write your experience, what is the difference between pros and cons.

I found these options:

This is a GL-E750 modem (picture for example)

Don’t repost my photo (Mudi GL-E750 Mini Review - #2 by Johnex), use the search there are lots of threads about his, and here is the link with more info:

Hello . Yes, this is your photo, sorry for not signing it. Your post was very helpful!

As for my post and topic, I wanted to know the opinion of users about changing the modem to the options that I indicated, today these are the freest modems that exist, so to speak. Perhaps there is something better, but I did not find …
I was wondering if anyone has tried this?
If we talk about how to remove the modem, then it is very simple, two screws and carefully remove the modem.