How to compile firmware for AXT1800

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how do i compile a custom firmware for my axt1800.

for my ar750s-ext, i used
but the axt1800 is not listed
however, the ax1800 is mentioned but all the columns as blank

and there is this warning

please advise,

  1. Install the necessary dependency packages for compilation
sudo apt install build-essential libncurses5-dev gawk git libssl-dev gettext zlib1g-dev swig unzip time rsync python3 python3-setuptools python3-yaml
  1. Clone the code and execute the compilation (Note the command make -j17, in principle, the number of cores on the computer plus 1 will allow the most efficient compilation)
git clone
cd gl-infra-builder
python3 -c configs/config-wlan-ap.yml
cd wlan-ap/openwrt
./scripts/ target_wlan_ap-gl-axt1800 luci
make -j17
  1. Generate path
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Im a newbie and dont know how to compile a firmware, Im having difficulty installing passwall on my slate ax, is there anyone or any source i can get a customized firmware for my slate ax? i need passwall and other vpn protocols like openvpn and wireguard also.