How to connect a buzzer with GL-iNet 6416?

I read this wiki page Add a buzzer (beeper) to the router [Old OpenWrt Wiki] and I got interested in this but I’m not an electronic guy, I know nothing about hardware and stuff, my goal is to connect a buzzer onto my gl-inet and have sound notifications when something comes up like when my internet gets disconnected or connected. The problem is that I don’t know which GPIO pins go to which buzzer port. Can someone please tell me how to connect this buzzer to gl-inet ?

seems you can use any gpio to do this.

Here you can find the gpios of 6416 and AR150

You can connect direct to the GPIO and GND, better with a resistor to protect the SoC.

Then you need to export the GPIO and control it in shell. GPIO [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

Hi alzhao thanks for replying, is it possible to test the buzzer without having to solder it on to the board? , I just want to test it first and if it works then I’ll solder it permanently on the router, sorry for the stupid question, I really don’t understand this kind of stuff

maybe you can just press the wire or pin firmly on the GPIO holes

I am going to buy a 5V buzzer, do I really have to connect it to a resistor ? How safe is it to just connect the buzzer to the GPIO pins directly without the resistor ?

maybe you can check the resistance of the buzzer first.