How to connect Brume to iPhone?

I connect iPhone to Brume by USB and LED lights are off. No tethering.

I connect the router to a hotspot created by iPhone. It connects but the connection is quickly dropped.

I reset the network settings in iPhone. It did not help.

So how to connect this router to phone?

There is nothing special connecting iphone to the router. Just connect to the USB-A port.

What do you mean LED lights are off?

I searched this question. There seems to be known problems connecting router with iPhone:

  • USB tethering doesn’t work

  • Connection to a hotspot provided by phone lasts only few seconds before it’s dropped

As for USB tethering, the phone is not recognized in the web interface. The LEDs remain off. I connect the phone to usb 3 power plug. Otherwise I need to connect USB3 on router to power source and use a USB3 to USB3 adapter to connect USB3 in iPhone to USB2 in router?

I upgraded to the latest firmware in the router and reset network settings in iPhone. The issue remains.

Thank you!

iphone tethering has been working without problem.

Do you mean the LED of the router is not on? The router dies when you plug your iphone?

You should just plug you iphone to the router using Apple Lightening cable. Do not use any adapters etc.

Thank you. Let me worked on it further and report back to forum with more information.