How to connect Flint 2 to Modem with bridge mode

Hi guys, so I need help on how to configure the Flint 2 to connect it to my ISP modem (TIM Hub [ AGTHP DGA4132 (VBNT-S)], rooted with Ansuel GUI installed), so that the modem only works as modem and VOiP server, while the Flint 2 is the Router. Don't leave out any useful detail because I'll need them all ahah, I'm really not an expert (especially stuff like the specific tabs to go to. Also, this are the infos given by the ISP:

  • USERNAME: phone_number
  • PASSWORD: timadsl
  • PROTOCOL: PPPoE Routed (defined as RFC 2516)
  • encapsulation: PTM
  • NAT: active
  • VLAN: 835
  • IGMP proxy: disabled
  • Routing: unicast traffic

Obviously I only need help for the Flint 2, but if you have useful tips about the modem side too, I'm all for it. Thanks!

I doubt this is possible.

Modem only mode means mostly modem only - no VoIP server possible in that case. You need to figure out if modem only is possible with your ISP router.

If it is, you can simply set up the GL router using PPPoE.


It works if I set the Flint 2 to static, doesn't with PPPoE for some reason

PPPoE will only work if your first router supports modem only. (And PPPoE is necessary)

For username and password try aliceadsl for both and of course don't forget the VLAN, like this:

actually I made it work with pppoe. I had to set timadsl on both and no VLAN

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