How to connect my Sonos device to my router with OpenVPN (NordVPN)

I want to be able to control my Sonos devices with my phone. My phone is connected to my gl.inet GL-MT3000 router firmware version 4.5.16 (openvpn client NordVPN). 2.4Ghz, because I understand that Sonos cannot connect to 5Ghz.

If I want to change the network of my Sonos beam to the same network as my phone, I am unable to do so.
After entering my WiFi password, I receive a message that an error has occurred. And that I can try another device, but I have the same issue with another device.

It’s not supported.

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I haven’t played with the technology yet, but perhaps tailscale will work? Probably won’t be supported by Sonos but worth a shot.

Otherwise if there is a computer at the remote site, TeamViewer or similar Remote Desktop software should work.