How to define WiFi uplink as WAN interface?


I would like to configure an SF1200 as a router with two (exclusive) WAN uplinks:

  1. first WAN is wired WAN Ethernet port
  2. second WAN is a wireless WiFi uplink,
  3. when WAN Ethernet is up, outbound traffic is sent though it, while traffic is sent through Wifi uplink when WAN Ethernet is down
  4. I want WAN WiFi uplink to use 2.4GHz radio (2.4GHz dedicated to WAN uplink)
  5. I want 5 GHz radio to belong to LAN

Using GUI’s repeater feature, I think I got close to what I was after but I had issues I can’t correctly describe (the SF1200 could get an IPv4 address from “uplink WiFi” it didn’t always use it as I hopped).

Is it possible ? If positive, how ?

To give a better understanding of my ultimate goal, I’m thinking about using SF1200 and its external antennas as an AP in rooms where WiFi coverage is not good enough for end user terminals (smartphones or laptops). WiFi uplink requires 802.1X while WiFi downlink will rely on simple PSK.
Wired Ethernet WAN port would be only used for reconfiguration.

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You can refer to this video: