How to delete a specific OpenVPN connection profile

I have imported a client.ovpn file to connect to my OpenVPN home server. I cannot explain why the GL750S reports an error that it cannot verify the private key passphrase - there is no passphrase for that key. Anyhow … Since the first profile was unusable, I imported another client2.ovpn file with a different name which was accepted. Good.

There seems to be no documentation how to delete specific connection profiles; I find only a button “Purge All Profiles” which is a little bit too serious :slight_smile: for what I intend to do. I believe I will not be the only user who decides to purge single profiles.
The offending profile in my case is in /etc/openvpn/ovpn0/client.ovpn, the profile I want to keep is in /etc/openvpn/ovpn1/client2.ovpn. Can I simply perform a rm -rf on the ovpn0 directory, or what is the correct procedure? Would I need to rename ovpn1/ to ovpn0/ to leave no gaps in the numbering sequence?

Can’t remember how to do it in v2.27 but in new firmware (V3) you can just click remove in the OpenVPN > Management tab.

Otherwise I think if you login to the router with WinSCP and delete the ovpn0 directory, that should do it.

You are right! Sorry, I have overlooked that option. One has to click on the respective connection name which opens a menue with a button “Remove”.