How to display power?

How do I show how much power is left?

Do you mean mifi with a battery?

Yes, because it doesn’t show how much power is left when it’s in use. Can you help me?

I see.

When did you buy the mifi?

If you bought very recently, you can read the battery capacity.

If you bought early, there is no such function.

Or you can open the case and check the PCB for version. Battery capacity is only available in version 2.6.2.

Here is what you need to do: install package from the repo mifi-mcu , then you will have a magic number in the UI.

I bought it recently. Can I see the power after installing mifi-mcu?

just have a try and you will find out.

Does the device led not display?

How to make led display all the time.

Sorry. This cannot be done. The LED is controlled by MCU which you cannot program.

Why not make the device always display it?I think it’s a good suggestion, don’t you?

I don’t think it is good to have the LED always on, frankly.

@hejialin @alzhao
If you lightly press the power button I think it shows you how much power is left on the LEDs (whether it’s on or off.)

Also cannot find mifi-mcu?

Thank you for your answer, this is a hidden little feature, thank you. :grinning:

@hejialin @alzhao Just confirming that the short press on the power button displays battery level on the LEDs. Had only had the unit for a couple of hours when I posted first up and had to wait till I’d run the battery down a bit to confirm that’s what it did :wink:

Oh and the correct package to install is:

opkg install gl-mifi-mcu

It puts a little battery power display into the Internet Interface Page :slight_smile:

Ensure you run opkg update once logging in to refresh the available list, then opkg install gl-mifi-mcu

Hey, it almost works for me.

I have capable hardware and installed gl-mifi-mcu:

opkg files gl-mifi-mcu
Package gl-mifi-mcu (3.0.4-1) is installed on root and has the following files:

If I execute manually /usr/bin/gl-to-mcu then I got the file with the info:

root@GL-MIFI:~# cat /tmp/mcu_data

And the GUI shows the battery level.

But if I don’t run /usr/bin/gl-to-mcu then nothing appears.

What it appears is that the package is missing the init.d script to run /usr/bin/gl-to-mcu, or if there is any
other way is is being triggered…it is not working.

Can you check if your UI has the correct power display?

The progrma just saves data in /tmp/mcu_data and this is the designed purpose.

Without SSH and executing /usr/bin/gl-to-mcu, then nothing is displayed in the UI as I said above.