How to enable Captive Portal for Guest network?


I want to enable the Guest Network including a Captive portal.
I also want them to use the normal connection instead of the VPN.

How can we arrange that?

What is your firmware version?

Docs for 3.x firmware:
Turn on/off Wi-Fi, please switch to Guest Wi-Fi tab.
Setup Captive Portal.
VPN Policies, please view Use VPN for guest network.

Docs for 4.x firmware:
Guest Wi-Fi.
Not support Captive Portal.
VPN Dashboard Proxy Mode, please use Based on the VLAN.

So what are our options for enabling captive portal on firmware v4? Seems weird to stop supporting the feature.

@yuxin.zou I agree its odd not to have the option.
Is there a package that can be installed?

Support was discontinued because it was more for merchants than for families or personal.
We have no plans to develop it on 4.x at this time.
What scenarios do you guys need to use it in?

I want to stop giving out a password for my visitors that is eternally active. I want them to get a captive portal and get 24 hours of access and then repeat if need more.

Also, eventually I want to customise this to only work for pre-approved phone numbers and/or emails, but I wouldn’t expect this out of the box.

Some openwrt packages should support these features:
[OpenWrt Wiki] Captive portals (splash pages for free or paid WiFi)