How To Extend Network?

Using a GL-AR150 and Netgear R8000 router. Bedroom has low signal from router. Bedroom has a lan cable to the Netgear router. Netgear router has ssid=netgear1. What I want to do is plug the AR150 into the bedroom cable and have it display it’s ssid as netgear1 so I can move throughout the house and not need to change the ssid on my devices. Is this possible? How can I configure it for this?

Actually this is simple.

First step: change the SSID and password of the mini router to the same as your Netgear. After doing this it should be OK. Your devices should be able to roam between the routers.

Second step: if you do want the mini router bridge to the Netgear, you can set up bridge mode of the mini router using the UI, then use the switch to switch to bridge mode. After doing this roaming should be faster and all of devices always connect to the same router.

Thanks. So, I would set the 150 to the same ssid and pow as the main router and plug the lan cable into the WAN port - correct? The IP address in the Router tab - do I set this to the Netgear which is Or, a different IP? Do I select WISP?
Thanks. I tried so many things that didn’t work it’s getting confusing. Also, should the LAN port on the 150 be active then to connect to a wired device?

correct to connect the cable to the wan port.

No need to change IP. Don’t select WISP (as you have WAN cable)

You can use the LAN port to connect wired device.

Doing the above will make the network work. Then you can set up bridge mode in the UI then use the switch to change the mini router into bridge mode. This works better.

Thank you. I will try it and see if I can get it going as you have outlined.

Ah, I see where I went wrong. I was not setting the 150’s ssid, I was doing it in the New Connection tab. I changed it under the 2.4Ghz tab and it works now - thanks. One more question though - when I connect to the 150 the 150 vends me an ip address which isn’t in the 10.0.0.x range it’s in the 192.168.8.x range. Can it be set to get the IP address from the Netgear? Does it matter?

If you only use the internet then that is not an issue. If you want to get IP from the main router, set up bridge as I mentioned above.

Thanks, but still having issue getting it in the correct bridge mode. I assume this is controlled by the switch? There are 2 - Wired or Repeater Bridge modes - I tried the switch on Wired Bridge - to the left Router mode it acts as I would expect but vends it’s own ip address range. If I set the switch to the right, I have no internet to the mini router. Should I set the bridge to Repeater Bridge and set it to Wireless Bridge mode? Also, how can I log back into the router to make the changes - do I need to reset to factory defaults and start over?

As you use a cable to connect to your main router, you need to use wired bridge.

So pls set up wired bridge in the UI then move the switch to the right side. You may need to reconnect your device to the LAN port to update IP address.

If you want to access the UI again, move the switch to the left and then you can access the UI.

I have tried all that you’ve outlined. What I am finding is that the switch actually has no effect. Either right or left it appears to stay in router mode - vending ip address and allows me to access router. Maybe the switch is bad?

I am not sure if the switch is bad.

When in tor mode, you may need to use shift+F5 to refresh the web page to make sure it is not there. Using F5 merely the browser may just give a cache. This is my experience