How to find IMEI? Blank in admin panel

Newbie here. I just got a new GL-X750 (OpenWRT 18.06.1) w/ EC25-AF FA modem. I popped a fresh AT&T Prepaid SIM in, and turned it on.

The main screen on the admin panel shows AT&T w/ 2 bars, but never connects (shows “Abort” button) and the IMEI field is blank.

I need to tell the carrier what my IMEI is so they’ll allow the device to use their network. How can I get it to show? Is there an AT cmd to show it?

I don’t know if I have 2 unrelated problems (can’t connect, and IMEI doesn’t show) or a single problem (can’t connect, and thus the IMEI doesn’t show – though I wouldn’t think that a successful connection would be required to display the IMEI).

Anyone got a hint for me?

Maybe you can reboot and then you can have the IMEI

Sometimes (very rare) the UI failed to read the IMEI

Now THAT was an easy solution! Guess I’d just gotten lucky on the dice; I’d booted in 3x over the past several days and never seen anything there, but once more did the trick! Thank you so much.

The IMEI is only read once after the device boot. So we may need to read multiple times.


I have optimized this issue and you can download the latest testing firmware here
The X750 will release new firmware soon, and you can wait for new releases