How to format microSD card for file sharing?

I have a Slate that has a microSD slot. I’d like to use a card for file sharing across some Windows 11 PCs and a Mac. If I’d like to use it in the Slate and occasionally directly from Windows 11, will it work if I just format it in exfat on Windows then put it in the Slate?

exfat should work. Pls try.

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mkfs.exfat /dev/sda1
mkdir /mnt/sdcard
mount -t exfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/sdcard

You can probably have something other than sda1. Always double check.


Thank you. So I formatted the card as exfat on Windows, then put it into the Slate's microsd slot, and ran the commands above. I'm able to see the "System Volume Information" folder under /mnt/sdcard (because I formatted it on Windows.) However the directory appears to be read only even for root?

In the web UI I can see the drive under Application/Network Storage. It shows up as:

sda1(disk1_part1), USB Flash Drive, EXFAT, 464.42 GB free of 464.44 GB

I enabled the samba service, created a share called sdcard, allowed anonymous read and write. After that I can see \\sdcard from Windows. I can see the "System Volume Information" folder and a ".gl_nas_sys_dir" folder. The share is also read only. What did I do wrong?

You should not need to mount manually.

The above command is formating and mount but as you have done in windows, no need to do it on the router.

should just insert the sd card and reboot the router it should work.

But for manual mount, should add -o rw to make it writable.

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Ha, mount -o rw fixed the problem. Thanks!

Related to network storage / file sharing, I see that the original Brume and Brume-W have a 16MB Flash and an 8GB EMMC space. Is the EMMC dedicated to file sharing? Or is the system also using it for installing application? The 16MB Flash might be too small for installing anything. If I want to use the 8GB EMMC as network storage, will I need to do anything to initialize the space?

The 8G emmc is used for system, meaning that you can install programs and use that space by default. You can also put files in the emmc as storage.

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