How to fully block UPnP

As UPnP is extremely vulnerable:

How to block it totally? I need to make it dropped on my network.

No need to, UPnP isn't implemented on GL routers.

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UPNP is a protocol. I would not say it is vulnerable. It just makes the pairing on the network more easy.
UPNP is not just relevant for the router, it is a protocol where every handheld (today smartphone) can find and control a Audio Amplifier... Before DLNA, today.

Look up the protocol in the documentation from the UPNP forum (today open connectivity foundation)

Else you address your security concerns to them, so they have the possibility to fix the issues or explain the insecurity is not within the UPNP, it is in the devices that are using it ...
Or you just find the management, so block UDP broadcast and wonder how much in your network will break.

You may notice I asked myself the same a few years back ... But I do not block it today. I rather take care the devices get limited internet access and I don't buy network devices from Temu or similar.