How to get access to the SD-Card AR750S (4.3.7.)

is there any documentation how to get access to the SD-card without SSH (WinSCP)? Here is my Scenario: I want to put some music, videos or pics to the SD-card, and when I am connected with my iPhone I want to stream these media files with VLC or maybe other apps. And it would be very nice if I can put the pics on my iPhone to the SD-card.
I found no option with the new Frimware (4.3.7)

Hello. I think installing, in plugins page, the samba4 package but then you have to look for howto samba configuration in yourtube and you have to use winscp.

This tutorial should help: File Sharing - GL.iNet Router Docs 3

Thanks for the link. But the network storage does not appear after restarting the router.
Go to web Admin Panel → APPLICATIONS → Network Storage
There is no “Network Storage”.

It could be the issue that this feature was removed due to storage consumption problems.

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Yes admon is right here How to get access to the SD-Card AR750S (4.3.7.) - #5 by admon

Also you can configure it in Luci SYSTEM>Advanced Settings and click if you have no changed the router IP.

Then look at Services>Network Shares if Samba installed and also look to see SD-Card at System>Mount Points if it appears there.I have my SD working in NTFS format.

Then look in yourtube for " how to config samba in openwrt" video, There is one quite useful from VanTech Corner.

You only have to do this once for your router.


Works perfekt! Thank you!

Is there any way to reduce the memory usage when Samba is activated? My System crashes when streaming big files.